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Sonar Partners

Sonar Partners is a joint venture between several leading, independent firms, combining to offer a comprehensive range of services to meet all of your Strategic Growth and Human Capital Requirements. Comprised of experienced professionals who have accrued decades’ worth of commercial experience across a broad range of sectors covering Strategic Consulting, Commercial Development, Organisational Development, HR, Executive Search and Executive Career Coaching. We have the ability to access, plan and execute a range of services that can grow your business and manage your current and future talent.

Executive Assessment

We have the experience and tools to effectively map the skills matrix of a board or senior management team. Complementary and wide reaching skills are paramount to the success of a top performing executive team. Mapping skills and leadership potential also identifies key areas for growth and improvement to take your business to the next level.

Search & Selection

We have a global network covering a wide range of sectors at all levels. Our proven success is based our ability to understand our clients’ needs and assist in the definition of the role profile. We take a fresh approach to each project and through creative and industry proven techniques map out the market, identify the best fit for your company and deliver them into a structured interview and assessment process.

Market Mapping

Competitive intelligence on strategy and personnel. What are your competition doing better than you and who are their key performers? Who is doing what and where are they doing it? Entering into a new market or expanding an existing one. Our team of researchers have mapped markets in three regions to help answer these questions.

Reward and Compensation

One of the key challenges in recent years is affordability of talent. Are you rewarding your staff? Are you attracting your future talent? We can provide both data on an individual function and also on a particular level of role. Off market compensation and reward structure can lose you talent and keep talent away. It is not all about cash either. Speak to us about creating a sustainable and incentive driven compensation structure from board level down

Human Resources

Human Resources is an essential part of managing your most precious commodity, your people. We have a team of experience managers and consultants to offer framework and policy creation, bespoke project offerings right through to a full managed service. Allowing smaller firms the significant benefit of an experienced HR team without the overheads.

Strategic Consultancy

Strategic Consulting covering Commercial and Product Strategy, Organisational Structure and Development, Talent Management, Succession Planning and Executive Coaching. Want to drive sales? Need to address falling margins? Worried about flight risk or succession? Want to make a good team great? We can help.

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